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1. The event is fully covered by Public Liability Insurance, however valid insurance cover must be held by all entrants for their vehicles as neither the organisers nor the vehicle owners will be held responsible for any vehicle damage
2. All vehicles driven onto event must have valid road tax, insurance and MOT (where relevant)
3. A speed limit of 5mph applies on the site at all times and all vehicle movement will be controlled by the Event Stewards
4. Vehicles must be securely braked
5. Vehicles must be clean, complete and in safe working order
6. All leakages must be kept to an absolute minimum considering the age of the vehicle
7. The driver must hold the appropriate license to drive their vehicle
8. Vehicles are entered at owner’s own risk
9. By submitting this form you have read and abide by all the above conditions of entry.
Entries to be included in the programme close on 6th August.
With space limited the committee reserves the right not to accept individual entries on any grounds which it thinks is unsuitable for Motor Mania. This will apply particularly when a vehicle is deemed to be too new, with little special interest.

Please tick this box to accept the above conditions.