You have registered to take a stall at this years event, and you will find your stall location plot number on the below list.

Further down this page you will see a map of the Square at Grantown, and you will be able to see where your plot number is located. The plot numbers will be marked on the grass to avoid confusion, and you should also be able to work out where you are from the plan.


It is your own responsibility to make sure you are in the correct plot. If you are not, you will be required to move to the correct location. There is no flexibility to change your location, and you must only take the plots allocated to you, and we suggest that you take a print of the stall plan with you on the day.


You should be set up by 10.30am, or before to take full advantage of the events in The Square

At the conclusion of the event you are required to remove everything you brought with you, and leave your plot in the same condition as it was before you arrived. All debris created as a result of your activities MUST be removed.

The committee hope that you have a pleasant, and rewarding day, and there will be committee members available on the day should you require any assistance.

Plots Name Business Name Space
77-78 Alan Medcraf AMDetails Limited 6×3
39 Angus Grant Angus Grant Art 3×3
26 Hazel caldwell Aunt Marie’s Kitchen 3×3
30 Shula Bayton Aviemore Scouts 3×3
12 Colin Reed Ayecoffee 3×3
8 James Gordon Cairngorm Ices 3×3
69 James Gordon Cairngorm Ices 3×3
54 Jo Bremner Cake Control 3×3
Outside Hydro Robbie Dick Car Chem 6×6
41 Carol Bradley Carol’s been cooking 3×3
83 CFMA CFMA 3×3
17 Sharon Clarke Coats fur Dogs 3×3
49 – 50 Beverley McGurk Elite eats 6×3
72 – 73 Alexis McShane Fairground games 6×3
80 Alison Mitchell Forever Aloe Vera 3×3
25 Celia Bloomfield Friends of Ian Charles Community Hospital 3×3
31 Kirsten Shearon GGS Rock Challenge 3×3
52 Marje Smith grantown & disrict twinning association 6×3
27 Jan Cuthbertson Grantown Health Centre Equipment Fund 3×3
37 Duncan Cain Grantown Outdoor Bowling Club 3×3
16 Joan B Stteele Highland Hospice 3×3
36 Carolyn Carrott Highland Tea Box 3×3
42 – 43 Derek C Donald Inverness Group of Advanced Motorists 6×3
58 – 59 Jakes bar and restaurant Jakes bar and restaurant 6×3
60 – 61 Kareen Anderson Kareen’s Katering 6×6
75 – 76 Kerri Ann Bishop Kerri’s kitchen and sweet delights 6×3
32 Stephen Bruce Kilted Fudge Company Ltd 3×3
79 Lawrence Sutherland MacBrayne Circle 3×3
44 – 46 David MacGruer macgregor industrial supplies 9×3
70 – 71 Pam Martin Martins Sweets 6×3
33 Elizabeth Quinn Mary Jean Limited 3×3
40 Sally Gale North East 250 3×3
83a Philip Mclean Phil Ma’Cones Ices Ltd 6×3
48 Michael Ritchie Popseys pancakes 6×3
Between 31 & 32 Tina Murray Royal Bank of Scotland Mobile Van 6×6
49a Lisa Mckelvie Saints sled dog rescue 6×3
35 Dave Dewhurst Shadeybirdhouses. 3×3
51 Angela Wood Spey Art Group 3×3
9 & 10 Ken Kelly speyside catering 6×3
14 – 15 Ken Kelly speyside catering 6×3
PA Tent Lewis Thomson Speysound Radio 6×3
11 Pauline Fraser SSPCA 3×3
38 Barry Main strathspey curling club 3×3
18 Trevor Rosbrook Strathspey Railway 3×3
82 Kenny Wood The Wheel Specialist 3×3
55 – 56 Martin Grant Truck In2 Grantown 3×3

The below plans are images. You should be able to right click each one and then print that image. These images are best printed in LANDSCAPE mode.

Square- Coop Side Blank 2018

Square - Grant Arms Side Blank 2018