MotorMania 2022

To all our loyal followers.

We have been away for a while just keeping as safe as we can. In that time, almost 2 years stuff has change a little in the world, and in the world of Motormania.

Unfortunately, since our last show,  several key members of the Motormania  committee have retired.

Most of you will already know who those folk are, and too be honest they were the back bone of the event over the years. I am sure you would all thank them for their efforts in making the first Sunday in September such a magnificent event for Grantown, and Scotland.

Those folk were the heart and soul of the event, and we are currently looking for suitable replacements to help and assist for the future.

If you feel that could be YOU, please drop us an email. There are no specific qualifications just an eagerness to put some time and effort into keeping this great event alive

In the meantime the existing committee are planning to meet early in the new year with a view to deciding the size, scope and timing of any 2022 show.

We would like to thank you for your ongoing interest and will keep you updated of all decisions as soon as we have further news.