August Bank Holiday Update & Entry Information

That’s IT! FULL! No More – not this year. No Thanks. A massive entry list again this year. vehicles in The Square is more than enough for anyone. So if you can’t find something there that interests you well ….

Registered Vehicles

If you have entered a vehicle please aim to arrive after 9am and before 10.30am on the day of the event, and enter the Square from the North Side – that is from the Forres Direction. There will be diversions in place to help you find your way.

If you are with a club, or group and wish to be parked together, it is vital that you all arrive together. The Committee suggest that you meet somewhere outside of the town to get together and arrive at the event as a group. It will not be possible to add vehicles to an existing club / group once they have been parked.

Entry to The Square will only be granted to Registered Vehicles. The entry marshalls have a list of ALL registered vehicles. So if you are not registered PLEASE don’t try to gain entry.

You are required to write down your vehicle entry number on an A4 sheet as big as you can so that the entry marshall can see it. They will check the entry number you show against the VRN they have for that number. If they match you will be waived through.

If for any reason they do not match, you will be directed to a holding area, and you will need to walk to the registration tent to sort it out.

To obtain your entry number, please click this link and search for your vehicle. Your specific entry number is the first number you see on the left of the screen. That is the number you will need to write on the A4 paper for the marshall.

Please don’t give anyone a hard time over this, we are all volunteers to make this day happen every year, and follow any instructions given. It’s not the end of the world if you are directed to park up and then enter on foot to sort out any issues.

Once you have been parked up in The Square please make sure you go to the Registration Tent to book in, get your rosette, programme and tea ticket.

Late Entries

Late entries on the day will be directed to the Burnfield Car Park and not admitted to The Square unless space permits once all registered vehicles are in place.

If you have already registered, and feel that you cannot attend, please email us through the Contact Page and let us know. We will then be able to open up your space to another on the day.

It’s a lot to take in, BUT 2019 is going to be another great year. The sun will shine, people will come in their thousands, there will be a wide selection of vehicles on view, local good causes will benefit, again, from your generous donations and the committee will be totally exhausted!

Spectator car parking is at the Showfield with Shuttle Bus in operation.

As usual if you have any issues please contact us through the Contact Page

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