When we identify any issues with the entry registration process, we will add some help here:

 I can’t register You must register as a user of motor-mania.co.uk before you can register your vehicles, and the vehicle registration page is for registered users access only.

Click here to register for the site You will need your name, email address and to decide on a username.

When you register, you will receive an email with your log in details. The password can be complicated – please COPY and PASTE it when you log in to register your vehicle.

Once registered go the Vehicle Registrations page on the menu at the top of the screen.

I have not received the email with my site log in details The email IS SENT TO THE EMAIL ADDRESS YOU ENTERED immediately by the system. If it is not in your inbox, it will be in your spam or junk folder. It is possible that it could have been blocked by your internet provider. If it does not arrive please check you have entered the correct email address, and consult with your ISP.
How do I know if I am logged in? When you are logged in you will see a black bar at the top of your screen. At the right hand side of that bar you will see Howdy and your username. If you can see that you are logged in.
How do I Log In? Click the link at the bottom of any site page where it says Log In, or Click Here
 How do I log out? Not sure why you would want to do that as you will not be able to access some features. However, at the bottom of any page there is a link that says Log Out – you know the rest 🙂  Also, if you hover over your name in the black bar at the top of the screen you can log out there too.
 I have forgotten, or lost my password If you need to reset your password, all you need do is enter your email address on THIS LINK and you will be able to create a new one.
Password is too complicated. Can I change it for something simpler? Short answer is YES. Websites are always subject to the attention of hackers, maybe not to get your details, but to place code on the site that does not help anyone. That is why your password is complicated.

If you must change it then Click Here and you will be able to create a new password.

My Vehicle Not showing on my entered vehicles list. If you have entered a vehicle and nothing is showing up here, you need to log in. You can log in Here (opens a New Window). There will be a black bar at the top of the screen with your username on the right. Dependant on your browser settings you may need to refresh the page to show that bar.
Print Registration Card

If the Print link is not active you CANNOT print
your entry card at this time.

About a week before the event, we will activate access for you to print your entry card for The Square. You will need to be logged in, and then choose the ‘Your Registered Vehicles ‘ link under the owners tab of the top menu.

That will show you any vehicles you have entered, and the word ‘Print’ will show on the right side of your entry.

Click that link. You will then see your single entry in bold with a print icon at the top of the page. You can then print the entry.

On entering The Square you will be required to show the printed document to the entry steward. The QR code, the thing like a chess board on your entry document, must be visible as it is unique to your vehicle.

You will be directed to park, and then directed to the registration tent.

 Your Registered Vehicle does not show when you are logged in? Please log in again until you see the black bar with your username.Then go to the menu bar under Owners. Choose the “Your Registered Vehicles” link.

If that page does not show your vehicle, hit refresh on the browser and your entry will appear.

You will then be able to print your entry card from the details shown