For those who have reserved a trade stall at this years event, you will receive a message on Sunday with all the details you will need for the day.

As usual, you have been allocated a space in The Square and you will see that the grass is numbered on arrival. You will also receive a copy of the stall plan so it will be able to find your location.

THE SQUARE IS FULL. As such you MUST take your designated space. There will be no discussion on this, so please do not make life difficult for anyone.

If you setup in the wrong space you will be required to move to the correct one.

DO NOT begin setup before 7am please. We have to move the chains in the morning and the day is long enough for the volunteers as it is.

There will be a committee member on hand to help you locate your spot. That will be a person in a yellow high vis vest. Seek them out if you need advice.

Have a great and successful day.