If the Print link is not active you CANNOT print
your entry card at this time.

Please read ALL this post before clicking anything

About a week before the event, we will activate access for you to print your entry card for The Square. You will need to be logged in, and then choose the ‘Your Registered Vehicles ‘ link under the owners tab of the top menu.

That will show you any vehicles you have entered, and the word ‘Print’ will show on the right side of your entry.

Click that link.

You will then see your single entry in bold with a print icon at the top of the page. You can then print the entry.

On entering The Square you will be required to show the printed document to the entry steward. The QR code, which is the thing like a chess board on your entry document, must be visible as it is unique to your vehicle.

You will be directed to park, and then directed to the registration tent. That way we know you are at the event.  If you don’t book into Registration you will be treated as a No Show and that could affect your entry next year.

If you get stuck at anytime you will find help on the FAQ Page on This Link