You may now register your vehicle for this years event.

You will need to register for the site first to create a username and password. When that is done you may enter your vehicle details as usual.

This is a change from previous years as we have had to upgrade our database functionality due to the high number of entries. However, in future years you will not have to register again for the site.

If you are entering as a car club, please have the club organiser enter all the vehicles who will be attending in that club. That will mean that entry to the Square will be much improved on the day, and all the club vehicles can be parked together. We will liaise with club managers as the event date nears, so it is vital that you provide contact details for the organiser.

There is a FAQ page for any issues Entry FAQ. Please read that first and follow the registration instructions before contacting us for help.

If your username and password are not accepted at registration – THAT MEANS YOU HAVE NOT ENTERED THEM CORRECTLY, and need to try again. Please COPY and PASTE the password you have bee sent where required as it can be a little complicated.

There is an OWNERS TAB on the menu bar. That contains information on how to change your password to something more simple. How to edit your entry, change your password, update your vehicle or personal details, etc