DSC_0183-cropped500x486It may not look like much is happening right now, but we had our first meeting earlier this month and we have another lined up before March.

Things just need to be sorted out earlier every year as the event grows bigger and health & safety goes wild. Gone are the days of just putting the signs up and people park where they like. Now we have risk assessments, insurance, road closures, First Aid, Fire Extinguishers and specific evacuation plan and all kinds of other stuff to make the day nice and safe for all those who attend.


This time around we have changed the vehicle registration back end stuff. It will look pretty much like previous years, but this time we are asking vehicle owners to register with a username and password for the site. It will only need to be done once, but when you are registered you will be able to see that your donations have been recorded correctly, your details are right and at the appropriate time print off an entry card to allow you to breeze into The Square and get parked up. You will still need to go to the registration tent for your official event entry card and all the free stuff though. More on that later.

We will be looking for donations again this year for local charities and good causes, and also we are opening up some marketing areas in the programme, website and newsletter for those who wish to take a space. The income from those will go into supporting the event and paying for some of the Health & Safety stuff that we need.

Who is the guy on the old bike? Well his name is Bob Davis and he is riding his 1958 BSA motorcycle and sidecar, along with original AA rescue gear on board. The vehicle is our featured vehicle this year, and if you see him at the event have a chat with him he is really so friendly.