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Good ones are always nice of course, but if you have anything that you could think of that we should add or take away, things we could do differently, then please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Dear Sirs it was an excellent day as would be expected the only comment I have is it continues with the same high slandered please pass my regards to you and your team
    Hope to see you next year
    Kind Regards
    Stewart H

  2. May I suggest that after you have checked the comments that if you are going to do anything different for 2019 that you send out a brief e.mail to that effect before your entry forms.
    It would then mean punters would decide to attend or not as there were a lot of unhappy punters.

  3. We had the SSPCA Stall here for the first time, on the recommendation of a friend who attends every year if possible. He told us he had never had a bad day (weather-wise) at Motormania, and he was right again this time.

    I and my team thoroughly enjoyed the day – best atmosphere we have had at an event for ages. My long-suffering husband arrived before us to put up our stall and he was very impressed with the organisation, ease of finding our slot and the cheerful and helpful stewards – both before and after the event. What could have been chaotic was so well-managed with skill and good humour

    All in all a very positive and worthwhile event for our charity – thank you to all the organisers and everyone who attended and gave so generously to our charity. Really looking forward to next year!

  4. Some practical comments, some negative ones and positive ones … a good cross section and it is nice not to see any comments about Brexit !! I have attended since year two of MM and some years have been better than others but my how it has grown and now a headache to manage. It is Motormania so all motors are catered for, old and new. It is a good day out for car clubs, there may be a case for limiting numbers for each club but impossible to enforce. All I would say to the scoobies is people come to see the cars not listen to mega amps of music. Having said that I did like an initial offering of an intriguing variation of Bryan Adams Summer of 69 and spent some time on Google searching for it to use in a video of MM 2018. I am an OAP, I don’t smoke a pipe but I do wear slippers and driver a car that would leave any of the scoobies in my wake from 0-60 and they would not be able to keep sight of me through the bends … so don’t stereotype us old guys … you will be one of us sooner than you think 🙂 Some of the scoobie engines were works of art with stunningly beautiful colours., Nothing wrong with revving your engines but just don’t over do it … moderation 😉 Full marks as usual to the organisers who are human and give up so much of their time to hopefully please everyone. Suggestion for next year, introduce a Goodwood Revival theme that car owners dress in a style appropriate to the year the car was manufactured, which could be fun? Long hair, flairs and beads for me.


  5. Once again, first class event and much better than vehicles lined up in a field. Motormania is the focus of the week’s holiday in the Cairngorms and well worth the 500 mile round trip.

    The number of buses and commercials seems to be dropping off which is a pity, but still a fine day out.

  6. A great day but why had the motorcycles to be crammed into such a small space people could not get to see them close up. Could they not have been lined up in front of the Brittish Legion

  7. Enjoyable day as usual however one or two points. The registration was very user unfriendly and was not looked at when entering the street, it could have been any piece of paper that I was presenting. Would it not be better for the organisers to e-mail an entrant number a week before the event and this once printed out displayed in the car windscreen prior to entering the one way system in the town. Halfway round the circuit is a car park where anyone not displaying this can be directed there until all registered entrants are situated in the town display areas. This should speed things up on arrival at the start of the main street and avoid the delay there was this year, arrived at 9.30 and almost 10 o’clock when parked up. Most of the other shows and rallies that we attend have this system in place and delays are minimal, our car was starting to overheat by the time we stopped. The booklet being in another tent seemed a strange departure from other years when it was previously handed to you along with the other items when registering. Next year maybe include them as was normal and keep the other tent with the surplus ones to sell to the public. The disc jockey radio station tent was not a great idea, most of their music was a bit iffy and finally the organisation just prior to the finish was not as good as earlier years. Usually drivers were instructed to return to their vehicles and to be ready to follow the band in the departure procession. This year we heard nothing to this effect and if we had been first time entrants we wouldn’t have known when to move. We had to turn at the motor cycle area from our position at the Co-op due to the road being blocked by a van loading motor cycles and the remaining ones still blocking access to the main street. It was still a good show and I appreciate that it is all done by volunteers so thanks to them but the changes this year have not improved the show from other years. Will be back next year.

  8. Great day, well done the organisers. Pity the bikers did not have more space, as was a bit of a guddle, with little room to view properly. A more dedicated area would improve matters.
    Love Subarus, some beauties there, but have to agree that the loud music and popping exhaust made that area unpleasant to linger in.
    I too had difficulty with printing the registration document, but sorted out promptly by Chris, thanks.

  9. Had a great day out at Granton Arrived on time at 10 am and had to queue for 20 mins to get in ,once inside the town it was not easy to find a space and the two marshals I asked where I should park said if you find a space just park . not the best way to organize this I feel, on having said this it was it was a great day and I shall return .

  10. It’s ok to make a noise with a Audi. Just not with a Subaru. I was on the Subaru ( gang ) stand . My car never moved all day . The admin should have said the cars weren’t wellcome . Some of us travelled a distance to be there . We said hello to anybody but hatters got to hate

  11. We were one of the Charity stall holders and the volunteers manning the stall have said that the event was very well organised . There were plenty of officials in evidence to ask for help. The general opinion was that we had the best pitch we have ever been allocated. Looking forward to next year!

  12. Fantastic show, really enjoyed it. Well done to all the VOLUNTEERS who gave up their time to organise it.
    I would have liked a more prominent parking slot for my Lancia, I’ll just have to get thete earlier next year.

  13. This is the first year we’ve attended motormania and thought it was brilliant. Some teething problems printing out the entry cards which weren’t even checked in the end. Also even though I was part of a club, I’d rather the classic cars were kept in the square and any modern car clubs take up the space out with the square. I didn’t hear or see the scoobys as I didn’t venture that far down but the old guy in the square was doing a fine job of revving and backfiring his Audi RS6 for all to hear in a 10mile radius!
    Maybe a good idea is to plan out where everyone will park – either have set locations or tell people to fill all the spaces from the front or back upon entry as we were stuck in a queue – not great in an old car that overheats easily!

  14. Great day at Motormania. Lots of variety old to new. People moaning about reving of engines and popping exhausts. Didn’t actually bother me. They were actually a friendly bunch if you spoke to them and didn’t just look away and walk on. They amongst others helped make it a MOTOR SHOW and not a motor look. If people want to go and see old cars and read placards they should go to a museum not a motor show.
    I did notice some cars leaving early and think you should have a stay to the end policy.
    Can’t wait to see what happens next year.

  15. A Unique Venue; Abundant facilities on site, yet again produced another great day at Grantown on Spey for all and sundry.
    The good weather, naturally, greatly improves matters. However, without the months of careful planning, excellent communication via the internet, and first class organising, the whole day would be a catastrophic failure. All credit to the Motormania committee, the Marshalls and all who contribute to this great show. Thank you, too, for putting up with the photographer who got in everyone’s way!

  16. What a great show – been there every year since it started and this was the best.
    Since there seems to be a spate of moaners complaining about loud music and and cars being reved, could we perhaps get all those cars moved into one area, perhaps down towards the big church and maybe label it modern perfomance cars. Then the elderly people who find them offensive don’t need to go near them and those people who are true enthusiasts can go down and watch their antics – I thought they were quite an entertaining and friendly bunch.

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