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The next MotorMania is on

Sunday the 2nd of September 2018 in 

The Square, Grantown on Spey.

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This year should be another great year. The weather for 2017 just put the finishing touches to the event for us all. Once again the weather is on order and we are well into the planning stage for this years event.

We have a new logo, and a clean cut appearance to our website, although those have changed, you can look forward to the same format for 2018. Last year we had over 500 vehicles registered for the event, and to be honest, if all had arrived on the day we would have been in a bit of a pickle!

As a result of the donations made by some of the entrants we were able to gift to charities and community groups this time around. The committee of Motormania thank all those who made a donation, as without you we would not have been able to make those gifts. If you wish to donate this year, please use the button on the right, or if you would like to donate by cheque, details are on our Contact Page

We are in the early stages of planning, and as such we will make sure that we keep you all up to date through our newsletter, so if you are not already signed up, please do so through the Newsletter link on the right.

2017 Featured Car 600x400

This Years Featured Vehicle - Austin 15 hp
The Austin 15 hp is a 2.8-litre motor car manufactured by the British manufacturer Austin and first displayed at the seventh exhibition of motor vehicles which opened at London's Olympia in November 1908. Its tax rating was 20 horsepower. It was sold between 1908 and 1915.

The vehicle in the photograph is a 1911 Austin Harrogate, with the last owner being from Fraserburgh

The original 15 hp, of which 213 were produced, was sold between 1908 and 1910. It was powered by a 4-cylinder 2½-litre (2539 cc) monobloc engine, the only pre-war model to have one with a 3.5-inch (89 mm) x 4-inch (100 mm) stroke and three-bearing crank-shaft.

The Austin four-cylinder chassis is as sound as it is unconventional, the motor is under the driver's seat. Its four cylinders are in one block which forms part of the same casting as the top of the crankcase. Motor and gearbox are built on an underframe secured to the chassis' main frame by rubber insulated bolts at three different points. The underframe may be dropped complete as one unit for adjustments or repairs. The Austin mainframe is not incurved forward as is now usual but finishes about three feet from the front and from the mainframe's cross-members a narrower frame extends forward providing the necessary space for the great steering lock demanded by the Scotland Yard regulations. The regulations demand the ability to turn completely in a road just 25 feet wide.

As with many Austins of the period it was available in a wide range of bodies, including a two-seater "Harrogate" (with single rear dicky seat), a two-seater "Ascot", a four-seater "Westminister Landaulet" or "Levee Single Landaulet" and a snub-nose "Town Carriage" with an open driver and closed passenger layout. A four-seat open tourer was only available until 1910


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